Prefinishing Millwork in Monroe, WA: Matching Existing Installations

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Prefinishing millwork is extremely important when it comes to achieving a superior aesthetic in the finished product. The texture, color and sheen of prefinished millwork will define the space where it’s installed and can dictate the look and feel of that space overall, making it important to achieve quality in the prefinishing phase.

Prefinishing is difficult in and of itself because it requires precision and technique, however it’s made all the more difficult when the final millwork will be installed or beset by existing installations. Basically, if the new millwork doesn’t match the existing in its façade, the aesthetic results could be disastrous!

Not many millwork experts have the capability to match existing hues and sheens, however at Monroe Door & Millwork, we take pride in being able to exactly replicate existing finishes, so that any new millwork in Monroe, WA flows seamlessly and beautifully with the already-existing façade. How do we do it? Through a rigorous approach that puts emphasis on quality, right down to the material itself:

  • We take raw products and sand them accordingly, to ensure the surface is exceptionally smooth and ready to accept the stain and seal. This lays the foundation for achieving the right hue and tone.
  • Using only the finest lacquers, stains or varnishes, we get to work on matching the tone of your existing millwork. Our tenured experts understand what it takes to identify specific colors and how those colors will interact with your particular piece of millwork. This allows us to anticipate and deliver a true-to-color match.
  • Finally, we varnish and seal your color in place, to both protect the material and prevent further coloration.

Not all professionals have the experience or foresight to be able to match existing millwork finishes to a precise level and as a result, you run the risk of a noticeable difference. More often than not, people have to settle for “close” instead of a true match, which might not easily be spotted, but it’ll still be there nonetheless.

At Monroe Door & Millwork, we believe your millwork in Monroe, WA deserves to be a perfect match, which means we go the distance to treat it accordingly. When we deliver a finished product to you, you’ll see with absolute certainty that there’s no difference between the old and the new!

To ensure your millwork matches, get started with Monroe Door & Millwork today and talk to us about our prefinishing services. All we’ll need from you is a sample of your existing finish and we can get to work on replicating it to ensure you’re getting the precise color you need to create a seamless and beautiful façade in your home.

Whether you’re prefinishing cabinets or doors, or even windows, trust the experts who know the true power of a precise color match! Contact Monroe Door & Millwork today by calling 360-863-9882 and we’ll get started on working with you to ensure that perfect match.

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