Why Choose a Wood Front Door?

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Of all the decisions you’ll have to make as a homeowner, choosing a new front door doesn’t seem like it would be too high on the list. In fact, however, it’s important to pay close attention to the door you’re choosing!

Not only is your home’s front door it’s “face,” projecting appeal to anyone who approaches it, it’s also your first line of defense and a major component to the décor and style of your home. Picking the right front door can do wonder’s for the perception of your home, while picking one that falls short of its true potential could leave you wanting more from your home’s façade.

The first choice you’ll have to make when you’re browsing through doors for sale in Monroe, WA is what material you want. We’re here to tell you that of all the material options you’ll have access to, nothing quite compares to a wood door.

What makes wood such a great choice for a front door? Let’s break down some of the best traits and characteristics that make wood doors a superior choice:

  • First and foremost, wood is going to be superior in terms of its resilience and longevity. A good wood door will outlast you in terms of lifespan! In fact, wood is so resilient as a door material, it has even been known to outlast entire homes—people pay big bucks for vintage doors and doors are actually a popular antiquing item.
  • In conjunction with the point above, a wood door is going to be a huge return on investment down the line. Because of its durability and longevity, an investment in a wood door is likely only an investment you’re going to have to make once, which means saving the cost of having to replace an inferior option.
  • If your door does become damage for some reason, simple maintenance and upkeep of a wooden door is easy. Scratches and blemishes can be resolved without much toil or trouble, leaving you with a door that’s as good as the day you got it. Try repairing fiberglass or vinyl!
  • The prestige of wooden doors is simply unmatched by other materials. Walking up to a solid wood door and rapping your knuckles on the warm façade of a wood door is an experience that spells out luxury and sophistication. Let’s also not forget that the heft of a true wood door is going to lend to the idea of its prestige and quality.
  • Finally, wood provides security for your home. A true wood door isn’t going to succumb to a burglar ramming into it or leave you the victim of a smash and grab through the window—it’ll stand strong and act as a staunch barrier between your home’s interior and anyone trying to gain access.

When you’re browsing for doors for sale in Monroe, WA and are looking for an ideal investment, make sure you’re considering wood above all others, for the reasons listed above and more!

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