Five Reasons to Shop Locally for Building Materials in Monroe, WA

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Locally owned and operated businesses make up the economic backbone of many towns across America, with you, the consumer, either contributing to their success or looking the other way and shopping at big box stores instead. But it’s not just the business that benefits from your support. Looking at the bigger picture, you’ll discover that the entire community thrives when local businesses do well. With that in mind, here are five reasons to shop locally for building materials in Monroe, WA:

  • Employees have industry experience and knowledge: How many times have you walked into a chain home improvement store looking for assistance, only to hear, “I’m not sure. This isn’t my department”—yet there never seems to be a knowledgeable employee designated in any department! But you won’t run into this problem at a local business—especially specialty shops. Local owners and their employees are well informed about the products and brands they carry. They can tell you the difference between mahogany and cherry wood and whether one will work better for your project over the other.
  • Connect with business owners: Whereas you are not likely to have a long chat with the manager of a big box store on any given afternoon, it’s not unusual to have daily conversations with the owner of a small local business. In fact, you might even get to know them on a personal level and consider them your friend. This personal relationship extends in a positive way into the business itself, since a repeat customer may make a business their sole go-to store for particular products or services.
  • Keep money local: When you shop at a business in your local area, did you know you’re not just supporting that single shop? The great part about this is that you’re also supporting the local economy, as well as yourself, because some of the money you spend locally, like sales tax, goes right back into the community. Local business-to-business support is another big contributor to keeping money local. For example: a residential contractor purchasing all their building materials in Monroe, WA from a local lumber shop.
  • Better customer service: Let’s say you’re shopping for building supplies or need custom millwork done. When you call or visit a reputable local business for these products and services, it’s almost guaranteed that you will be treated like family—you may even get helped by the owner! And good customer service is always there, since owners are more likely to work directly with each employee to educate them on inventory, as well as to resolve problems voiced by you, the customer.
  • Job creation: Shopping locally also creates jobs for people in your community. The more the community shops at an establishment, the more money the business makes, which can lead to the need for additional skilled individuals to keep up with demand. But if larger national businesses are favored, then you may start seeing your local stores disappear or find out they are letting people go as opposed to hiring.

Whether it’s lumber, building supplies, cabinets, doors or windows you’re looking for, Monroe Door & Millwork has all the building materials in Monroe, WA you need to complete any project. Come see us today!

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