Popular Wood Options to Choose From for Your Custom Doors in Monroe, WA

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Whether you’re thinking about replacing those old doors or in the middle of a new home construction, the first thing you will have to decide on is the type of wood doors you want. Aside from the wood itself, you will also have the opportunity to customize everything from the style to the engraved designs and embellishments. After all, now is the time to get the doors you always wanted, instead of just being okay with the basic ones put in by the original builders.

Let’s take a look four popular wood options you can choose between for your custom doors in Monroe, WA.

Mahogany wood doors

Many people are familiar with mahogany wood, since it’s used to make a variety of furniture pieces, like display cabinets, bedroom furniture and dining room tables and chairs. As for mahogany, as a built-in home element, it makes for a rather lovely door choice with its natural red-brown color. Though pricier compared to other woods, this wood is heavy and tough, and because it’s hard to damage, it’s typically free of visual imperfections. As such, installing custom made mahogany interior or exterior doors is likely a great investment for your property.

Black walnut wood doors

Like mahogany, black walnut is visually stunning, and therefore offers your home an elegant look. This hardwood finishes and stains well to give a pop to colors ranging from a lustrous deep brown to an almost purple black with defined undertones. It’s also a strong hardwood, which is why woodworkers include walnut as an option for cutting boards and full butcher’s blocks. If walnut can stand up to knives and mallets, you can imagine the sturdiness it will hold as a door! Homeowners wanting doors that are pretty, strong and rich in color should look into black walnut.

Cherry wood doors

If a beautiful natural grain is what you’re looking for in a door, then consider cherry wood. Cherry wood is not too soft and not too hard, with color options that include white, pink and the more classic and well-known reddish brown. Although cherry is naturally lovely, it does stain easily and smoothly.

Alder wood doors

On the more economical side, you have alder wood, which is one reason this wood is a popular building material in the eyes of homeowners. And since alder is budget friendly, you can further customize your new door with designs and other decorative add-ons. Another great benefit is alder’s ability to take on the look of more expensive types of wood depending on the finish you choose. Something else worth mentioning about non-distressed alder wood is its susceptibility to dents and dings. Alder is, after all, a soft wood.

Choosing the right type of wood doors for your home may seem like a simple task, but in reality it’s not so easy—you’ll have to look at them everyday, so you must choose wisely and get the wood, color and style you love. Whether you’re a homeowner or residential contractor, contact the building supply experts at Monroe Door & Millwork today to learn more about our wide selection of custom doors in Monroe, WA.

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