Finding the Right Kitchen Cabinets for Sale in Monroe, WA Can Improve Your Home

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Whether you’re moving or staying, redesigning your kitchen can be a great way to add value to your home. A well-designed kitchen can boost the value by thousands of dollars, not to mention just making your daily life easier. When it comes to reworking your kitchen, the cabinets are among the most important elements to consider. How much space do you need to leave for pots and pans? Are your frequently used items going to be easily accessible? Are you settling for a certain design because thinking through the process is too intimidating?

Well, have no fear! We’ve gathered some of the most important things to consider for your redesign. Here’s how finding the right kitchen cabinets for sale in Monroe, WA can improve your home.


One of the most important things to consider in plotting out your new kitchen is how you will move around the space while cooking or entertaining. For example, if your family and friends often congregate in the kitchen while you cook, consider an island with built-in cabinets to provide work and entertainment space. On the other hand, if you are a utilitarian who only needs enough space for a few items and doesn’t cook very often, your cabinets can be minimal in design and space.

For the avid home chef, cabinets that allow easy access to herbs, spices, pots and pans are an investment well worth making. Consider features like inset pullout drawers and in-cabinet turntables that make items easier to get to in the rush of preparing a meal.


When it comes to the kitchen, there are two types of people: those who have every utensil and tool in the book, and those who have just enough to survive. When it comes to the space of the kitchen, your cabinets can actually take up a lot of room. It’s important to realistically assess how much space you need for your kitchen essentials versus what will just be wasted space. Imagine your kitchen with no cabinets at all, and you will find the room gets substantially bigger.

Furthermore, cabinets jet out into the room from the wall, so someone with fewer kitchen needs or a smaller space might consider more shallow cabinets. But be warned: just because you need less cabinet space doesn’t mean a potential homeowner down the line will have the same needs. Going too small could impact your ability to sell down the line.

Sinks and appliances

Whether you have old, outdated appliances or shiny new ones, your kitchen cabinets will have to accommodate sinks and appliances. Designing around an aging stove or refrigerator could lead to problems when it comes to finding a similar sized unit for the existing space. Think carefully about the life span of the appliances and the layout of the kitchen before charging ahead.

You will find more than just building supplies at Monroe Door & Millwork. In fact, we have quality wood cabinets for sale in Monroe, WA that can be stained and finished to fit your specific needs. Come see us today to learn more!

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