Choosing the Right Residential Doors in Monroe, WA

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When it comes to remodeling your home or building a new one, it’s important not to overlook interior doors in Monroe, WA. Doors can help define a room, and with so many different types to choose from, you’ll be able to add your personal style to every room in your home. Here are some tips for choosing the right doors for your home:

  • Think about swing: Before you purchase doors in Monroe, WA for your home, you’ll need to consider if you will be having a left- or right-hand This can affect where the hinges and door handles are placed on the door, and will impact how it is hung. Think about which way you want your door to swing. Typically, you avoid having it open into a hallway, as this can be awkward. It should open into the room that it is hung in front of.
  • Pre-hung or slab: There are several types of door models that you can purchase for installation in your home. You may need a pre-hung door that includes the frame and has the hinges already in place, or you may opt to go with a slab door if you already have the framing in place. A slab door is just the door, and you will need to supply the framing and hinges, which may already be in place if you are doing a remodel project. Make sure you know which doors in Monroe, WA you need to purchase for your home when you visit a mill supply store.
  • Choose a style: Another decision you will have to make is what type of door style you want to go with. There are several to choose from, and each has its own benefits. You may need sliding doors if you are outfitting a closet, or pocket doors if they disappear into the wall. Flush doors in Monroe, WA will provide more of a sleek and modern feel, while barn doors will give you a classic country look. Panel doors are some of the most popular doors chosen, as they have raised panels as a decorative touch.
  • Select a material: Doors in Monroe, WA can be made from a variety of materials, ranging from wood to fiberglass. You will need to decide what type of material you want your doors to be made from. You can select solid wood as a sturdy choice, or go with MDF as a more budget-friendly option. You can also choose if you want the door with a solid or hollow core. Solid cores make for heavy doors that will give more privacy, while hollow core doors are lighter and less expensive.

Once you have selected the doors in Monroe, WA that are perfect for your building or remodeling project, you’ll immediately notice the enhancement they offer your home. Doors can be a statement piece, and will offer privacy and security when necessary. To purchase doors for your home, visit Monroe Door & Millwork. We offer a variety of building products including cabinets and doors that would be ideal for your home. Get in touch today to begin exploring your options!

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