Get Your Builders Supply in Monroe, WA Now in Preparation for Projects During the New Year

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Can you believe that another year is almost over? If you’re like many homeowners, you likely have a list of home improvement projects you did not get to start or finish this year—replacing old cabinets, redoing the floor, updating the trim and all kinds of other projects take a back seat when other things come up. Fortunately, no matter how big or small your desired project is, there’s still time to get plans together to give your home a fresh start with the new year. With that in mind, you should get all your builders supply in Monroe, WA now in preparation for your upcoming home projects:

  • New door installation: Front door, back door, side doors, inside doors—all residential doors will at some point need replacing. But don’t install just any door. You have options, and therefore you should take your time choosing the best ones to match your home and style. Installing and then stepping through a custom door is the perfect way to start the year anew.
  • Replacement flooring: The beating your home floors take is often overlooked. Scratches and gouges may give wood flooring character, but small damage adds up quickly, and not maintaining floors can lead to more than just cosmetic issues. Depending on how much action your hardwood floors see, you may have them for 10 years or 40 years. Ultimately, when the time comes to look into replacement flooring, you want to select a material that can keep up with your family and lifestyle for years to come.
  • Custom wood trim and molding: A quick and easy way to give your home a bit of a facelift is to change out old trim or molding for custom options. You can customize them to your preferred design—a design with a look that will enhance the aesthetics of each room. You can even stain or paint them to match already existing fixtures, walls or flooring.
  • New kitchen cabinet installation: If you’re an avid cook, then it’s probably not unusual for you to spend hours every week in the kitchen preparing meals and experimenting with new recipes. But take a look around—how do those cabinets look? Maybe they’re the same ones from the 1970s, or most of the doors are warped so badly they are hanging off their hinges. The start of a new year is the perfect opportunity to replace those old, worn or inefficient kitchen cabinets with beautiful, ready-to-install custom cabinetry.
  • Storage cabinet additions: It goes without saying that a lack of home storage space can be trying. Sure, not having enough room may make you clear out the things you don’t use much, but this can become a problem when there’s only one small linen cabinet for your entire family. For more space to put folded towels and blankets, and areas to hide storage boxes, consider installing additional cabinets.

Want new doors, cabinets and more? For all the builders supply in Monroe, WA you’ll need to complete your or your client’s home improvement project during the upcoming year, visit the helpful folks at Monroe Door & Millwork. Remember to ask us about our custom millwork services!

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