Four Reasons to Install Custom Doors in Monroe, WA

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Unless you happen to come across the deal of a lifetime, or you inherit a house, your home is the biggest investment you’ll ever make. Since that’s the case, it only makes sense to truly make it the best home on the block. One of the best and often most overlooked ways to do that is by installing custom doors in Monroe, WA throughout your home. Here are a few reasons why custom doors make your home great:

  • They make your house one-of-a-kind: Sure, you could paint your walls with a unique color or put a roof on your house that nobody else in the neighborhood has, but both of those things aren’t really “custom.” There’s a 100 percent chance that somebody, somewhere, has the same exact paint color or same roof. Custom doors give your home a unique feel and look that can’t be replicated by anyone else in the world. We think that’s a pretty intriguing thought! With custom doors, you’ll be the only person around walking through a door like yours.
  • They match your home’s style: Each home has its own style. Furniture, cabinetry, paint-color and flooring match a homeowner’s unique style and flow. Unfortunately, however hard you may try, everything in your home can’t reflect your style if you have standard doors. It’s just impossible. We’re here to ensure everything in your home is an outward reflection of your inner self by installing custom doors that cater to your personal style.
  • They help make your home #1: Deep down, there’s a little part of all of us that drives us to be better than other people in one way or another. It could be in a board game, sporting event or in the workplace. We all want to be the best we can be. The same applies to homeownership. Don’t settle for living in the second-best house in the neighborhood; ensure you’re the top dog by installing custom doors!
  • They boost your home’s resale value: When it’s time to either upsize, downsize or move to a different area, you’ll need to sell your house. You’ll obviously want to get the most money for your home. After all, you loved that home, so it only makes sense that you sell it for what you think it’s worth. The key is just convincing buyers that they should pay your price. One of the best ways to do that is by increasing what your home is worth on the market. Folks usually do this by repainting, fixing the roof, upgrading appliances or remodeling the bathroom. But custom doors are another way to increase what your home is really worth. Buyers will be dying to place an offer on your house as soon as they see your beautiful custom doors.

Whether you’re building a home or moving into a previously owned house, our team is here to install custom doors in Monroe, WA. Give Monroe Door & Millwork a call today to learn about your custom door options and all of our other great services!

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